Time for a change!

It's most definitely time for a change! Time to get out of this downward spiral. Time to pick myself back up!
So starting on that note, I finally managed to make a new youtube banner which I am happy with! I kept remaking it, over and over as I just was not happy with any attempts. Up until now that is! So above is the finished product! And I am so friggin' happy with how it turned out!!!
This this is now up on my YouTube, my Facebook Page and my Twitch!

A lot has happened recently. Problems with work, stress related illness, (as well as other problems, like a stomach bug bleh), I lost my Nan very suddenly as well, with her funeral being last week. So much has been negative, that it has knocked me down a few pegs as much as I hate to admit it.
However on Friday, 2 days from now, (22nd April), it's my birthday! So I'll be spending that day with my family and boyfriend, and then the weekend will be spent with friends. Definitely what I need at the moment. It's been a hard time. But I'm pushing through!

I miss you guys <3

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