Hello everyone! How're you all? :)

This post is almost 2 months late.. but I thought I would share with you some photos of mine, and my boyfriend's holiday to Wales! I have never been to Wales before, though I have seen photos and a small video of my boyfriend there when he was younger! As well as some stories as my Mom went to university there too.
Will and I were staying in a lovely little place called Clarach Bay. Right on the sea front, with lots of cute little challets! One of which was ours! It was perfect for the two of us. And in the evenings and early mornings, there were some cute little bunnies running around! I loved it!
There weren't too many days where we just stayed put and relaxed! Will wanted me to see all of the places he had been! And I'm so glad he did! I loved EVERYTHING! Wales is such a beautiful place! From taking a train to a lovely place with a gorgeous café which did delicious paninis, (I had a tikka one... omg my mouth is watering just thinking about it), which my Mom had taken whilst at uni. To an animal park, and even a labyrinth! Technology centre, damns, and a gorgeous mountain top viewed lunch! Everything was just amazing! I want to go back as soon as we can! So here are just a few photos that I took whilst I was away! A video will soon follow as well which will have more!
Camera: FujiFilm A100.
All photos taken by me.

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