Hi guys! I've been gone ages... and now I think it's time to fully explain why... 
So you guys may or may not have noticed that videos and streams have been very on and off since the beginning of the year. So let's have a sit down. Get yourself a cup of tea, and get ready for a story. So at the beginning of this year I did some work, but sadly my health was not good. My Nan was also not well at all, and I stopped this work due to health reasons. A few days after this, my Nan had gotten very very bad, and was moved to a care home. She was there for a day and then rushed to hospital. We got a phone call late the same night, rushed to the hospital, but she had died. So as you can imagine, this destroyed my confidence and ability to stay up beat for you guys! So I hope you understand.
It's now four months later, and I still haven't come to terms with the loss of my Nan. My mind just can't come to terms with it, and haven't properly grieved. That being said, I'm so so grateful to my boyfriend and closest friends for being there and putting up with me over this time. So thank you guys!
So now, with the loss of my Nan, my Grandad is currently quite unwell and is in hospital. So I'm pretty worried. 
Videos are now back on track! And I am uploading twice weekly! Monday's and Friday's. So that is keeping my mind occupied, but streams are still on and off due to sorting stuff, visiting etc. 
I know this is a long post, so I am sorry, but wanted you guys to know why I haven't been around so much. Hopefully everything will be back on track soon. I'm not posting this for sympathy etc. Purely so you guys will know why I randomly disappear and stuff :)

As for now, here's some nice photos I took recently! Love you guys! 

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