Good evening everyone!
So this is gonna be a little bit like a journal / diary entry. I wanna kinda vent a tad and ask you guys at the same time if you have ever been through something like this! This is going to be to do with anxiety attacks / panic attacks. So bare with me!
So yesterday, I had a dental appointment. It was a spur moment appointment, noted down as a pain appointment. I was told last week that I would be needing fillings. Something which I had never had before. So that alone made me feel rather anxious! I'm one of these people that fears things which I am not use to. But I made this pain check because I noticed that one of my teeth had a small hole at the base. This got bigger whilst brushing.
So going back to yesterday, I get there thinking this was the tooth which the x-ray had shown. But it wasn't. This was a new one to the dentist, and I have another 2 which needed treating as well. I had 2 filled yesterday and another is scheduled for beginning of September.

So a little background. I am terrified of needles! This stemming from an experience when I was a child. So knowing that I would need a needle to numb my jaw line was a big fear. I knew it was coming. And I know what it looked like, how it would feel etc. (I have had wisdom teeth out so obviously had the injections before).
Despite that, when the needle was brought near me to do it's job, it's like everything went into slow motion. But my heart rate rocketed. I got very hot and it was like I couldn't breath. I was crying and shaking. With a feeling of being trapped.

My main wonder is, do any of you lovely readers get this? Do you suffer from panic attacks? If so, how do you cope with them? Because in this case, I can't seem to control them at all. So I'm open to anything that may help.
Once again, I want to thank you all for reading!
You guys mean the world to me!

-Kittie. x

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