Hello all you beautiful people!
This is gonna be a quick blog post. Not in the best of moods thanks to someone on Twitch and also had some bad news concerning my Grandad today as well... but I'll talk about that another time.

SO! Insomnia 58 is in 2 weeks! 2 weeks today! Won't lie, I am super stoked! Be nice to get away again for a bit, and seeing as Game Fest has hooked up with Insomnia, it'll be interesting to see how it's changed and what new things will be around to go and have a look at!
So like I said in a past blog and my youtube video, me, Will, Rob and Jon will be in the BYOC. I will be vlogging and blogging the whole event! So stay tuned for cool photos and stuff. But for now, have these couple of photos from i57 and i56!
Top 2 photos are of myself and Will in our hotel because heading to i57! And of myself and one of my viewers on Twitch! Again at i57! The two lower photos are of myself and Waglington, and myself and Dec! #blamedec! Who are both a part of Mianite! The awesome Minecraft series! :D

Like I said, super excited!

If you're going, I may see you there!

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