Hello everyone!
It's been a couple of days now since we came back from Insomnia 58! And I can quite frankly say, it was a great time away! Though like always, there were a few down moments, it was a great time away with amazing people! Although I didn't end up taking many photos... or even remembered to vlog, I did have a brilliant time!
I came away with a few new things as well! I got myself a new mouse as mine was sticking and double clicking a lot. So purchased a Roccat Kova! Fits my hand perfectly! And also we all got Overwatch Origins for just over half the price! Which is why I didn't take many photos or vlogs... damn game is just too fun xD
Will also bought me a huge totoro plushie :3 I have wanted one for years! But they have always been so badly priced! D: So I'm a very happy kittie right meow :3
Here are some of the photos I took! They were taken on my phone sadly.. so the quality isn't great. Most are of the expo floor as I was walking around. And a number of the robot battle arena! There was team Pulsar from Robot Wars there as well as 3 of the house robots! :D So I was nerding out so badly xD
The last photo is of the BYOC Lan hall where our pc's were set up! There were about 3000 people in there! :D

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