Hey guys! How's your day going? :3
I haven't long come back from a trip to Birmingham! It was a belated birthday outing for my friend! Sadly it was posponed, but we were able to go today! Although we have come back with a couple of things, the clothes shops were a lil bit of a let down! But the pokémon around the Bull Ring as well as all the pokéstops more than made up for it! xD
On the up side, I did get a couple of belated birthday presents! (belated being the under statement as my birthday was back in April haha), as well as the birthday presents for my friend! For her I got a tsum tsum Winnie the Poo! :D And she got me a Toothless doll from build a bear, and a Dumbo tsum tsum :3 They're so flipping cute!
The other item I did get for myself was a lip tint from Lush! It smells so good you guys! I don't really know how to best describe the scent. It smells like cinnamon but there's something else there as well which I can't put my finger on! :3
As for now, here's a few photos I took whilst we were away! :D
Hope you like them! :3
Sorry there aren't many photos! I was playing PokémonGO so much my phone almost died!
Also if you live around the Birmingham area, Moor St. train station has a café with 10% off to pokémon go players :D

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