Hey guys! What's happening :3
So if you haven't already seen my latest video, give this lil doodad above a bit of a boop! 
But straight to the point! Myself, my boyfriend Will (WillCaddy), Rob (Insanity) and Jon (Dingir227) will all be at Insomnia 58 at the end of this month! Super excited! 
So if you guys don't know what Insomnia is, i58 is the 58th Insomnia Gaming Festival! Orginally in the UK but now branching to Scotland and Ireland! Insomnia is the biggest UK based gaming event! Now teaming up with Game Fest as well to be even bigger for this upcoming event! There's youtubers, streamers, game devs, the lot! It's super cool! And a butt load of fun!
So the 4 of us will be in the BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) area. We have early access, so we shall be there from 25th August to 29th August! :D 
If you guys are going to Insomnia then hey! Let me know!

Streams will not stop during this time and will more than likely go majority of the day time that we are there. Also there will be vlogs every day whilst we are there as well! So get ready for all the content I will be dishing out!
Also will probably do some fancy blogs with photos and stuff :3

Love you guys <3

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