Hello all you cuties!
Today I thought I would share one of my rooms in my Animal Crossing: New Leaf game! I not long ago got massively back into it after playing Pokémon X to death! I restarted my town, which is currently looking a mess as I'm still designing pathways and where projects should go. But I am now 100% happy with my little kitchen! If you wanna remake this kitchen then by all means please do! But please do note! In order to make this kitchen you need to have unlocked the QR machine at the Able Sisters and also have woken up Cyrus in Retail!
My kitchen is supposed to be viewed so that the door is on the right hand side of the room. But the actual kitchen is at the back of the house! So I have to change the camera angle xD
So here is a list of all the items that are in my kitchen:
Ranch wallpaper, circle carpet, 3x ranch dressers (recoloured white by Cyrus), a ranch table (recoloured white by Cyrus), 4x potted ivy, HHA pennant (you get this from Lyle once you house reaches a certain point target!), a four leaf clover (this looks like a book with a clover on it when placed in a house), veggie basket (get at the Autumn Moon festival in September), corkboard (taken to Cyrus and he can put a holiday postcard design on it), lady palm, 2x alpine chairs (recoloured beige.. I think, by Cyrus and then had a Totoro QR code design for a cushion), sunflowers, minimalist clock, fridge, display shelf, toaster (redesigned to have a heart burn mark by Cyrus), tapedeck, rubber tree plant, bread box, dishwasher, QR code calendar, lovely table (recoloured white and had a strawberry QR design added as the cloth), morning glory, potwrack, deluxe range, ranch wall wrack (recoloured white by Cyrus), ranch hutch (recoloured white by Cyrus), ranch coffee table (recoloured white and had a strawberry QR design added as the cloth), and then a turkey is in this photo! You can get the turkey at an event, but I can't remember how haha. The turkey changes depending on the season. Spring I have a Samgyetang. Summer is a chocolate cake (birthday), Autumn is the turkey, and Winter I have a hotpot! :D

All QR codes that I used are below! BUT! If you would like something different, I have a lot of QR codes saved on my Pinterest here!

All photos I took via my DS. Then uploaded them to Waifu2x to upscale and make the quailty a lot better! :3
Hope you like this post!

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