Hey fuzzy peeps!
I'm back with another Animal Crossing post! This time it's not New Leaf! Nope! :D
I thought I would show you guys how I have decorated a lil mouse's house on Happy Home Designer! So one rainy day, (literal rainy day, not in game heh heh), I loaded up my game, and Bree was waiting and wondering outside the HHD office! Bree's want was "a tidied up room". This turned into a proper house upon rebuilding. Her house now has 3 rooms! A living room, a kitchen and a bedroom! I tried to keep is tidy but also super cute!
Even though the description for Bree is that she is a snooty mouse, I think she's freaking adorable! And I don't find her snooty at all :3
So lets look at what I have done for her house:
I made her garden rather organised, with some symetry as well as a recycling bin! (Must be tidy after all!)
I wanted to keep the house bright! So starting with her living room, I wanted some nice plant life, and to keep the furniture classy but cute! I took some inspiration from my spare bedroom in Roselia. I added a lil cake and tea for cuteness.
For the kitchen, I wanted to mix modern with rustic natural wood! Again trying to keep it bright! To keep with the tidy theme, I made a little washing area with folded clothes.
Finally Bree's bedroom!
A mixture of girly and classy. Granted this room isn't as tidy, but I think it suits Bree quite well :3
If you would like to visit this house, you can: 0501-5714-069 <3
Hope you guys have enjoyed the blog! If you wanna, go and rate Bree's house! :3
I'm sure it will make her... and me very happy :D

<3 <3 <3

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