Hello lovelies!
Obviously! IT'S CHRISTMAS!!! But I don't have any of my Christmas decorations up... (my brother's fault). But with it being Christmas, snow has finally fallen in my animal crossing town of Roselia. I figured as there is snow, I would decorate my town accordingly!
Sadly there hasn't been many bright days in my town since the snow fell.. so I barely have any photos. But here are the few that I do have! All QR codes that I use in my town can be found in my Animal Crossing pin board on my Pinterest!
I pin a lot of QR codes, be it pathways, clothing etc. So feel free to follow me on there as I am forver adding more stuff!
Please bare in mind, that my town is designed for about April time! (My dream address is set to April).
Dream Address: 7B00-0014-8EF3.

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